It’s been a while since we last spoke hasn’t it? And what a lot has happened since! Who could possibly have predicted Coronavirus and the global impact it has had.

Oriental Lily Oil Painting

For me, I’m fortunate that it hasn’t impacted me tragically so far, with all of my family and friends currently in good health, so I am very thankful for that.

My business though is quite another story as my main income is currently on hold. That said, it has given me the push to put all of my time into my art, which is exactly what I have been doing. So my plans to go full time as an artist, may now well happen far sooner than I had initially thought possible.

The time has enabled me to really hone my skills, putting in hours and hours of practice that would have likely taken me well over 18mths to achieve under normal circumstances. It has enabled me to experiment with new subjects and mediums to really be able to nail down what it is that I like to create, with what mediums and on to what surface.

The upshot of all this is a varied backlog of art that I’ll be showcasing and discussing over the next few posts. I want to talk about some of the products I’ve used and how I got on with them and the direction that my art is taking now.

The oriental lily you can see above on the left is definitely something I will be pursuing further. I’ve always loved drawing flowers, ever since I was a kid, so I’ve been experimenting with those and will be producing a series of them to purchase as one off pieces. I’m also going to be giving one of those away to my followers/supporters across my social media platforms. I’ll post details here, but make sure you’re following me on my channels to not miss the announcement. You can find me here —> on Facebook and here on Instagram.

In terms of mediums, I am prolifically using oils and watercolours. I love both, but am favouring the oils for landscapes and the watercolours more for botanical work, but the experiments prevail, so who knows!

Harvest Mouse in Pastels

I am also still very much loving my pastels, this here is a sweet little piece I recently finished and is available to purchase.

I’ve lots to show you and tell you about, but I won’t cram it all into one post. I hope you you and your family and friends are all looking after yourselves and each other in these difficult times. Do feel free to drop me a comment below and let me know how you’re doing x

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