Nikki Ruocco Art Business

Hello, thank you so much for visiting my little space on the Interwebs.

My name is Nikki and I am an artist, business owner, podcast presenter, wife, mother & dab hand at cooking a roast and eating cake!

In my art life, I create anything that stirs me from nature, which could be anything from wildlife and botanical art, to full landscape scenes. If it lives and grows outdoors, I’ll likey want to paint it. I also create pet portraits which is a rapidly growing side of my art business.

I use many mediums but my preferences are Oil Paints and Watercolour, along with Pastel. That said, don’t ever rule out finding my work in graphite, charcoal and coloured pencils too. As my art business grows, I intend to transition over to it full time, which will hopefully be happening by the beginning of 2021.

I sell original pieces but I am also happy to discuss commissions. Just pop me an email or send me a WhatsApp message on 07793 004345 – you can hit that green button below to send an instant WhatsApp message to me.

In addition to my art, I also run my own recruitment & marketing businesses, where I am responsible for all of the media marketing, website maintenance and copy-writing. This is where my background lies and I have helped countless people over the years to market their online businesses.

I also offer one to one coaching for artists wanting to improve their marketing skills, this is a four weekly course conducted via Skype.

You might also be interested to know that I co-host a podcast with a fellow artist, Jull Aspin. It’s a very laid back affair, designed to bring a smile and some useful info to artsist working away in their studios. It can be quite an isolating profession at times, so it’s nice to hear a couple of friendly voices. You can find out more about the podcast here or head straight over to

And when I am not doing all of that, I also enjoy crochet and the great outdoors. I love nature and feeding the ducks 😁

I also have three lovely children, a husband and a soppy greyhound, so it’s important that I make time for family too – after all, they are my sole purpose in life. Juggling all of this takes a bit of organisation, which I will also be sharing – it also takes a huge amount of desire and commitment.

But if you like to keep busy and you want to share my journey with me, then I would love to have you along for the ride.