This is my latest commission piece and he’s lots of fun to draw.

It is very early stages, but already you can see some decent structure and values, and this is achieved by starting with an under-drawing of Pan Pastels.

Pans are quickly becoming one of my most favourite things to use in my drawings. They allow me to get an idea of what the full picture will look like before I have even started with the coloured pencils.

After getting the line drawing right on the Pastelmat paper, it probably took around an hour or so to get this initial layer of Pan Pastels down. I used the little applicator that came with them (looks like an eyeshadow applicator) and it really it just a case of building thin layers and constantly looking back to your reference picture.

The pastels are really easy to mix, I just used a piece of printer paper to put some colour on and then just keep adding lights or darks until I achieved the rough tone I was looking for. The pans don’t make a ton of mess like traditional pastels either – which is a bonus for someone as messy as I am! And because you can achieve such great colours from mixing, you really can get by with basic primary colours with a white and black to start with, as they are quite expensive to buy.

As you can see here, I have just started to go in on the left eye to work into it and for this I am using a mix of Polychromos and Pablo pencils. I’m also thinking that, as he is very short haired, but looks quite soft, I might also use some pastel pencils within the piece too.

I also have another commission I am soon to start, this is a composition of two gorgeous spaniels which I will be posting about very soon. Lots going on behind the scenes – you can keep up to date with some progress pics on Instagram or my Facebook page if you wish.

All of the supplies I love and use can be found listed here. The image is my clients reference and has been used with permission.

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