You most likely set out on your art journey with a long term goal in mind, which is a good thing, we all need to have a plan to focus on.

But it’s all too easy to lose sight of the little milestones along the way, and it’s these that make up that journey towards your end goal, so they deserve a little recognition.

Let’s say, for example, you have a goal to give up your day job and be a full time artist within a year. That’s quite the goal to put out there, and viewed as a whole, has the potential to become quite overwhelming. So rather than be totally focused on the end result, pay more attention to the here and now, because each time you achieve something, it’s one step closer to the ‘how’ of achieving your goal.

So why is the ‘how’ so important?

The how is important because it gives you a chance to asses what is working and what isn’t and whether anything needs tweaking along the way. I spoke previously about Doing What You Love and why it’s important to focus on what makes you happy, rather than just the end goal of making X amount of money.

And it’s the same here, your journey will allow you to discover whether you are on the right path, so at every step, you need to acknowledge and celebrate it, whether it’s something you’ve done well or something that hasn’t worked out. This all mounts up to ‘how’ you will arrive at your destination, it should never be set out in stone at the beginning.

It’s Important to Fail a Bit

No one likes to fail, but for every time that you do, it stops you from going further down a track that was never going to work out. Maybe your end goal was to be a full time painter using acrylics, but after trying out the medium numerous times, you’ve decided that it’s not working out for you and oils are suiting your style better.

That isn’t a failure, it’s not a set back, it’s just an adjustment and another milestone in your journey to carry you towards your goal of being a full time artist. But if you have blinkers on and focus on that end goal, you’ll probably start to waste time persevering with a medium that just isn’t right for you.

Remember, you’re not giving up, you’re getting going, so don’t focus so much on the end goal of being a full time artist, focus on the here and now, so that you can really establish the ‘how’ of getting there. And celebrate the lot! With cake……

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