So, here is a little update on the gorgeous bulldog piece I am currently working on. As you can see, I’ve now worked in more layers on the left hand side of his handsome head, the other eye has gone in and of course – he’s now looking very dapper with his sparkly bow-tie 😍T

To achieve the nice, soft fur, you need to add a fair few layers. When you start with coloured pencils, there is a real tendency to not add enough layers and ‘think’ you’ve finished, when in fact, your drawing will benefit from way more layers to achieve that rich, lush effect.

Of course that isn’t always the case, sometimes only a few layers will be needed to gain the desired effect, but that will be your call as the artist.

There is a stage, commonly know in the coloured pencil world, as the ‘ugly stage’. Once you know about the ugly stage and accept it as part of the process, you’ll rarely become downhearted with your work.

All drawing go through the ugly stage, and this will normally mean that you have your first few layers down – but it still looks ugly. Now this can be quite disheartening when you first start out and many people abandon their project at this point, but this is a great stage because it’s after this that the piece will suddenly come to life.

Above here you can see the difference between the early ugly stages and when I have worked many more layers into the piece. So don’t lose heart when you start, keep working those layers in and watch your own piece suddenly transform before your eyes!

I would love to hear about your work, so do feel free to leave me a comment below.

If you’d like to see the first part of this series, you can find that here British Bulldog in Coloured Pencil Pt 1

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