newsletters for your art business

Newsletters! Often overlooked for a variety of reasons, but such a powerful marketing tool for you to use on your website!

Depending on how you are running your website, will depend on how you utilise your newsletter and encourage people to sign up for it.

For example, if you are planning on providing tutorials, you might want to offer an exclusive tutorial that’s purely for people signing up to your newsletter, or maybe you have a following that want to hear your news, so keep them updated of any events or WIPs. Another good way is to offer an exclusive discount, so perhaps a 10% off voucher to anyone signing up to your newsletter.

You’ll automatically want to encourage anyone that has purchased from you to be on your mailing list too.

But Why? What’s the point? And what the hell do you write?

Why? – This is an engaged following that has specifically signed up to make sure they don’t miss anything. Far more so than the likes of Instagram, where they follow you, but know they are unlikely to see every post. Plus, 70% of people visiting your website are unlikely to return, unless you remind them! Also, once your email is sent, it will be with the recipient until they have a chance to check their mail – unlike social media, where things can happen very quickly and posts get buried.

What’s the Point? – an email list is full of people who have chosen to hear specifically from you. They have taken the time to sign up and give you their email address, and according to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300% return on investment for businesses in the USA. Not bad!
Plus, you own your list – what you send and how you send it, is entirely down to you. No algorithm or change overnight is going to effect how you market to them.

It’s a proven fact that it’s far easier to sell to someone who has purchased from you in the past, or someone that has opted in to your email list.

What the hell do you write? Well, you don’t have to write too much at all really, it depends on what your audience will expect from you.
A simple reminder that you have a new blog post or promotion running, you have a deadline for orders, your books will be closing after the next 5 orders, you just want to touch base and say ‘hi’, you have an event coming up they might be interested in.

All you are doing is remaining in that persons mind. They have subscribed to your news, so let them have it. If you have nothing to say – don’t send one, wait until you do.

Many marketers will tell you to be consistent, send a letter ax X time on X day – me, not so much. I am very much of the mindset that that is old school marketing. Think about the sort of emails you look forward to opening yourself, it’s who they’re from, not when they arrive!

The easiest way to manage your newsletter is via a 3rd party, whereby you’re covered in terms of GDPR, as that is all taken care of for you, you can create eye catching newsletters and even create a series of automatic emails that get sent at specific times, leaving you free to carry on with your art. Something like this is really handy when offering a course or a stream of tutorials.

Having tried various providers, I settled one Constant Contact to manage my emails in the end, as I find it simple and user friendly with lots of templates to choose from, but there are other popular ones out there, like Mailchimp and aWeber. All will offer a free trial or a basic free account and a small monthly charge depending on what your needs are.

I’ll be digging further into this whole area of newsletters further, so keep up to date with new posts – and hey – why not sign up for my newsletter – over there on the top right of the page —–> ? 😉

Please note that on occasions I use affiliate links in my posts. This means that if you decide to use something I recommend, I may get a few pennies in return. What you need to know is that there is no cost to you and that I only recommend products or services that I have tried, tested and use myself.

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