creating content for your art pages on social media

Let’s talk about content, and what an absolute pain in the butt (you think) it can be, to come up with it for all of your online platforms.

I get it, you don’t have time to be creating content as you have art to create, but then if you don’t put content out on your website and social media platforms, you won’t attract any business.

So how can we do this in the swiftest possible way? A way to engage with our audience, attract new people, cover all of our social media platforms, without having to create new content for each one?

The answer is to simply create one thing and re-purpose it across the platforms. Now before anyone starts shouting about Google only liking original content, yes, yes – I’m fully aware of all this, which is why you will be adjusting your content for each platform.

So, let’s take this blog post as a good example of reusing content, and look at the steps I use to create content for each platform I wish to produce it on.

Firstly, I create the long content, which is here on my blog and what you are reading right now. I have no restrictions on how many pics or characters I can use, so I can get my point across in a variety of ways. If I were creating an art based post here, I would be talking about the inspiration for it, the backstory, whether it was a commission piece, what techniques I had used so far to create it, some pictures relating to what I am talking about, (whether that’s work in progress pictures or shots of the materials I’ve used) and so on.

And as it is on my website, it should be very clear how people can get in touch with me, should they wish to discuss a commission. It also enables people to comment on the post and engage in conversation.

Once I have completed the long copy…

I then take that post and break it down for Instagram, where I have a character limit of 2,200 (of which I also have to allow for hashtags). Which is quite a substantial amount, but if you’re a waffler like me, a ton of stuff will need to be cut. So, at this point, I go back through and extract the main points from the post I have written for my website and recreate the post for Instagram.

In most cases, one of the pictures I have used for my post, is perfect also for Instagram. So this process doesn’t take long at all, because the content is there, the picture is there, it just needs a good trim and to be made more succinct.

The one thing I will say for Instagram is that in terms of engagement, it will normally be higher on completed pieces than WIPs, however, do post it all – it’s really just an observation to bear in mind, as FB can be the opposite and get more interaction on WIPs. So make sure you post a variety of content across the board.

And once I have finished with Instagram…

I can do one of two things here. I can repost my Instagram post to Facebook directly from Instagram. And if you are pushed for time, and just want to get something out there, this is a totally viable option and is absolutely better than no content on your FB page at all.

Or, if you have the time, it’s good to take that original post and tweak it again to suit your FB audience, as they read, divulge and respond quite differently to your audience on Instagram (some will of course follow you across all platforms). With art based posts, you are more likely to have previous, existing and future clients following your FB page and by using your insights tools, you’ll have a good idea of what sort of audience are engaging with, so your posts should be written to reflect that.

Keep a good eye on what sort of posts have been getting a good reaction on FB. I know that posts on WIPs get quite good traction, so if that is something your audience likes, put more effort into these style of posts.

FB is also good for being a little chatty, letting your personality shine through a bit with your posts. You don’t want to be all stuffy and business-like as people buy from people, so get to know your audience, but more importantly – let your audience get to know you!

So there you have it…

A simple way to create content for the main platforms you use for your business. Don’t try and create fresh content for each one, you’ll make life very difficult for yourself and your time is precious.

Marketing is a very important side of your business, but you obviously need to leave time for the really important bit of creating your beautiful work. Getting tied up in the pitfalls of social media content, can be a really daunting and time consuming process if you let it.

It’s really important to get into a routine of allowing yourself a set time to concentrate on your marketing and then stick to it. Create at least one long copy per week that you can re-purpose, and then in-between that you can pop much shorter posts onto Instagram and mini check-ins to FB. It doesn’t have to be an essay each time, mix it up and find what works for you and your audience engagement the best 🙂.

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