Need?….No – you don’t need to have one, you can manage your art business without, via referrals through Social Media. Would I advise one? Yes – absolutely!

If you want to maximise your growth potential, then having a website takes your business to the next level. There is an extra element of trust when you have a website and you do get taken more seriously.

That aside, this is where you can keep the business end of your art, a nice neat place to keep easily attainable info about you, your work and your prices. It also offers a secure, online checkout for people to purchase.

Not only that, it’s another way for people to find you in the search engines and allows you to also link back to your social media accounts – this is all good for being found by potential buyers.

You can blog regularly if you wish to do so, again this will build your audience, but you don’t have to if you are already pretty active on Social Media.

One of the most important things you can add to your site is a newsletter of some sort. If you can let people know when your next piece of art is complete, what you are currently working on or when you are taking last orders for Xmas etc that becomes an incredibly powerful tool.

I’ll be showing you how to get a website up and running, exactly how to set it up, what info to include and how to get traffic rolling in. All whilst drinking tea ☕ and eating cake 🍰

(me, that is, you don’t have to partake in that bit)

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