double pet pencil portrait

Very excited to be doing this latest commission of a double pet pencil portrait, for a lovely client who is giving this to his wife for a 20th Wedding Anniversary present. So no pressure at all!

He has various textures of fur, so it’s really important to capture that correctly – from the smooth shiny fur on the top of his head, the textured fur on his muzzle right through the lovely long ears he will eventually have. Once I start working on the ears, I will share with you how I create the lovely. long, curly fur.

An example of a previous ear using this technique can be seen in this pic on the right.

This went through the usual ugly stage, before the lovely shiny curls started to appear. I very nearly gave up on this one at one point as initially I thought that the paper wouldn’t take any more layers, but thankfully, a bit of faith in the tools and it all came together in the end.

Below is a quick video where you can see a short process of how I begin to build the fur layers. This is a long, drawn-out process – but taking short cuts on this isn’t an option when you are trying to capture the realistic look of fur.

I’ll capture some more pics and videos of the process as I move through the piece. You can see a post on how to the draw a dogs nose here, which will also give you an idea of building those important layers.

If you compare the video to the pic, you can see that this layering process continues until you achieve the rich colours and fur texture that you’re looking for. The putty eraser, used gently, removes some of the pencil and starts to reveal crevices that you can use as shadows to build up that 3d effect.

In this piece, I have used a mixture of coloured pencils and the Pastelmat board, which I buy from Jacksons Art. You can see a list of my favourite tools here.

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