How to Use Facebook Pages for Artists

Hello my lovlies, I’m glad you’re here to follow along with this experiment, and be able to see in real time, how you can use Facebook Pages for your Art Business for better results.

I’ve had a Facebook page for my art for a good few months now and I haven’t yet utilised it at all. As you may, or may not know, my art business is a side hustle for me, so I don’t overly promote myself, as I like to keep my commissions manageable.

However, I am a very firm believer in learning by watching, rather than just reading words and trying to action them. So I would like to invite you along to watch how this experiment goes and you can follow the steps (that work) within your own businesses.

With every update, I’ll create a video of exactly what I am doing and I will share any other steps that I have gone through between each video, this way you can see what works and whether you would like to implement something similar within your own pages.

Do remember though, that even though I am sharing this with you, results will vary depending on your niche.

How to Use Facebook Pages For Your Art Business

Let’s Make 2020 a Fab Year!

So buckle up and let’s see if we can make an impact on your business pages! And just so you know, this video was created today 14th February 2020. You can see my art page here if you’d like to keep an eye on its progress.

You can also find me loitering about over on Instagram, so if that is where you tend to hang out, you’ll see updates of when new posts in this series go out over there. Plus I also have a friendly Facebook community, where members there will also be following along with these posts and getting involved in the conversation, so do pop over there and join us too.

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