Below you will find a list of my current favourite art supplies, this is by no means everything, but the things that I really wouldn’t want to be without.

Oil Painting Supplies

I generally buy my art supplies for oils and pastels (plus many other items) from Jacksons, who I wholeheartedly recommend. Their packaging and delivery service are amazing and I’ve never had any problems with either. If you are buying from Jacksons for the first time, clicking the banner below will give you 10% off your first order – nice! They also ship worldwide to hundreds of artists, with incredibly great value shipping fees.

Winsor and Newton Artist Oils

The Winsor and Newton artists grade oils are beautiful to work with and a mid budget option. They come in 100 colours and are used by professional artists worldwide to create commission pieces and original art. This is what 90% of my oils are, however I do also like Michael Harding and Landgridge oils, which are also available via Jacksons. Available here

Liquin Fine Detail

I love, love, LOVE Liquin fine detail and I also use Liquin original too.

This is a medium that I think is essential with oil painting, it helps your oils to dry a little faster, so expect a touch dry time of under 24hrs rather than a few days (meaning you can work faster) It also thins out the oils making them easier to use for fine details or more so for glazing. Fabulous stuff! Available here

Canvas Panels and Boards

These boards are great for painting on, they need to be treated with a a few coats of gesso and a fine sanding as a prep, but for small originals, I find them economical and really popular with buyers. I also find the firmer surface easier to paint on.

Canvas panels are similar in that they are stiff but they are covered with canvas and often ready to paint on straight away. So I tend to flip between the two.

If I am creating a larger piece I may use a canvas. These vary so much in price, so aim for the best you can afford. Available here

Coloured Pencils

Faber Castell Polychromos – these are my ‘go to’ pencils and are often the main pencil that feature in my art. They sharpen really well, the leads don’t break and they are, by comparison, excellent value for money. I have the full set of 120, but they come in various sizes, starting at a box of 12.

Caran D’ache Luminance – by all accounts the more luxury end of the pencils that I own, but oh my gawd….they are like butter and the colours are so soft and beautiful. I find them perfect for blending and enhancing my pet portraits – I just cry when I have to sharpen one because I never want them to wear down!!

Caran D’Ache Pablo – not as pricey as the Luminance and a wonderful abundance of really rich colours, you can achieve such velvety depth with the Pablos, I love them for all work on all papers.

Faber Castell 9ooo Graphite Pencils – these are my go to pencils for when I dabble in a bit of graphite drawing. I also use them for outlines and tracings where necessary. Just a lovely set that many artists swear by for graphite work.


Clairfontaine Pastelmat – this is my first choice for pet portraits, it comes in some lovely shades, including white, that can really enhance your work. The surface is like the finest of sandpaper so it grips your pencils wonderfully and allows you to build many layers, which enables you to achieve many effects, including realism.

Fabriano Artistico Extra White – this is like the Rolls Royce of papers – well, it is for me. It is by no means cheap, but it is beautiful to work with if you’re looking for a smoother surface than the pastelmat. Many renowned coloured pencil artists use this as their ‘go to’ paper for their commissions.


Strathmore Bristol Vellum – a slightly more budget version of a smoother paper. although still very popular with coloured pencil artists. A really good place to start and definitely one to have in your arsenal.


Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils – beautiful range of pastel pencils and a great price point too. Great for using on pastelmat paper either as a stand alone or mixed media with your regular coloured pencils and pan pastels. These are great for not getting messy and achieving that lovely soft look with fur.

Pan Pastels – I will say from the outset that these are not cheap! Are they worth it? Damn right they are. You can use these in so many ways, from completing a whole drawing, to touches here and there, wonderful bokeh style backgrounds and underlay drawings to your pencils. Drawing with coloured pencils is a very time consuming process, this cuts the time down considerably. The link above is for the set of 10 that I have – if you want to see the full range, you can view them here. They are available to buy individually too, so it’s something you could try and then add to over time and they last forever – so you do get you moneys worth.


Tombow Eraser – perfect for erasing small areas and creating fur lines or whiskers in your work

Faber Castell Putty Eraser – absolute essential – again so useful for creating fur, layers, removing unwanted lines or mistakes, also fab for blending.

Derwent Mechanical Erasure – similar to the tombow but with a bit more oomph, def one for the collection – I use all of my erasers on most pieces for different things.

Swordfish Sharpener – this is fab for getting your pencils to a screamingly amazing point! I have many sharpeners, even my hand held stabilo isn’t bad. The swordfish is great to have on your drawing table, but not say as portable as some of the handheld ones.

I hope you find this list useful. These are affiliate links to the products, which means that I will get a few pence if you decide to buy anything via my link. These are all products that I highly recommend, adore and use to death on a regular basis.