Free goal Setting Guide

Setting goals for yourself is one thing, but setting them with the power of a community is quite the other. And here is the goal setting guide we use.

If you don’t know, I host a podcast called Life & Pencils and myself and my co-host also have a supporting community on Facebook. It’s a really friendly place for creatives to hang out and learn business and marketing tips – in addition to just letting off steam and getting to know your fellow members.

In that group, during the last month, we’ve had thread where we’ve all had the opportunity to write down some monthly goals. The nature of the group mindset, and the fact that twice a month the admin team swing by the thread and ask everyone if they’re on track, has been producing some great results with people hitting their targets and goals because they’ve been held accountable.

Being part of a community can really help to keep you on track, in addition to being a part of something bigger than yourself. It helps with feelings of Isolation and you also have the ability to tap into the knowledge of others in a supportive environment.

Below is the video I have posted in the group, which talks a little about how the motivational goals works. If you’d like to join the group, you can follow this link to the Life and Pencils Community here

If you would just like the pdf guide without joining the group, you will find the link to download it underneath the video below. I do hope you’ll join us, give me a shout if you head over!

If you would like to download the free goal setting sheets, just click on the PDF image below and save to you computer.

Goal setting can be such a powerful tool to use in your business as it’s so easy to get distracted and go weeks without really accomplishing anything. Do you use goal setting in your business strategy? If so, how has that worked out for you?

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