Podcast for Artists

I’d like to introduce you to the Life and Pencils podcast for artists. A very laid back, fun and informative podcast for artists of all mediums – regardless of pencils!

Myself and my co-host Jill Aspin are both artists from a marketing background. Jill now runs her art business full time and I still run mine as a side hustle in addition to my marketing and recruitment business.

We decided to team up to create a platform whereby we could help other artists with all of those annoying hurdles like Social Media, Marketing, SEO, Building Websites – the kinda stuff that gets in the way of being creative, but still needs to be done.

In addition to covering all of the above subjects, we also talk frankly about the other side of being an artist, the stress and fears that automatically follow us around, like Impostor Syndrome.

We also get up close and personal as we interview well known artists about how their journey panned out, what makes them tick and really important stuff like……whether they like Marmite or not!

If you’re already a fan of podcasts, you will find us by simply searching for Life and Pencils on your favourite podcast platform. If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, or don’t really understand what it is, then think of ours as a radio show that you can tune in to when you please.

Each week we create an episode that lasts about an hour, we then make it available to listen to. So if you listen to music on Spotify or iTunes, you will also be able to search for our podcast on those platforms. You can also find out other ways to subscribe here on the Life and Pencils website. Give it a go, it’s a fun way to get some good info and you can listen to it whilst you work on your art.

If you’re already a fan of podcasts, do share your favourites in the comments below for others to enjoy too 🙂

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