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Here’s something that many people don’t utilise and that’s the power of someone leaving you a testimonial or review for your art, which ultimately can lead to a referral. Today, we all rely heavily and are swayed one way or another by the opinions of others. Whether that is a good or a bad thing isn’t up for debate, it’s just the way of the world. So, you need to be gearing your business towards this.

I worked with a client recently who had been in his particular line of business for over 20 years. Within that time, he had worked with hundreds of clients, so you can imagine the portfolio of reviews he had, can’t you?

None, nada, zip…..squat!

I was working with him to help grow his business and attract more clients, but I immediately discovered he was sitting on an absolute goldmine, before we even addressed everything else. I asked him to get in contact with as many previous clients as he could and ask for a review, not only were people delighted to do this, he also gained more business from referrals, just by reconnecting with previous clients (again, something I always advocate and hence why I encourage a newsletter).

Moving forward, his credibility went through the roof and a simple nudge towards his page of testimonials from previous clients was enough to sell his services without much effort on his part.

So whether it’s a Facebook page or a page on your website, make sure you have a page for testimonials or reviews, and always ask your client if they would kindly leave you a review, once you have provided your service and they are happy.

You can see some of the feedback that I have had here 😊

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