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I worked with a client a few years back, who’s business was starting to fall off a cliff.

She couldn’t understand what she was doing wrong, or how it could be rectified. Other people within her industry seemed to be doing OK, but her business had started to take a serious dive.

I spent a few days working closely with her, reviewing her marketing strategy and generally observing how she ran her business.

And here is the shortened version of what I told her.

‘You sound desperate, and it’s unattractive’

Every call she made, every email she sent, every post on social media…all smacked of desperation, and people were no longer buying. Confidence in herself was low, confidence from her audience was waning.

When she started that business, she had savings and and this was then followed by a good return from her business. But after making a substantial investment to grow that biz, her funds dramatically drained – which is to be expected.
However, instead of logically accepting that, and looking forward to where this investment would lead, she was subconsciously panicking, and this was evident in her manner.

When you give out a message of ‘please buy my stuff’ – nobody wants it. Big discounts, low pricing, undercutting are all things that can become detrimental to your brand when used incorrectly.

It’s the same across life in general. How many relationships do you know of, whereby someone who was obviously desperate to be loved, found their soul mate?

It’s simple, human psychology. The more confidence you have in yourself, your work and your business, the less you need to sell yourself. And, it’s THAT magical moment when people wish to buy.

This post is a lengthened version of the bitesize chunks I add to Instagram – feel free to follow me there for regular marketing tips!


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