When posting on instagram becomes too much

What Happens When You’re Not Posting Avidly on Instagram?

You know what it’s like – you have fans waiting for your next post – all friggin night they’ve been pacing and refreshing their page…..just waiting for you to hit that button so they can get their fix of your latest art……Only they haven’t. have they…..

In fact, if you post nothing for a week….a fortnight……dare I say, even longer – the chances are that your followers won’t even notice. Harsh, I know, but you’ll only get the truth from me.

Now, I know that a lot of you panic and think that you will get unfollowed, and you may even have the numbers to back this up. But let’s break this down like sensible peeples, how often do you scroll through all the people you follow, check when they last posted and then unfollow them if they’ve dared to have a month off? You don’t, because you do not have time for that crap and neither does anyone else. Fact!

So how come you notice a drop in followers then? Firstly – who cares? You dropped 5, 10, 15 people while you were away for a bit, do you think for one second they were adding any value?  Do you think that they would have become a client? Nope, best they’re gone.

And here’s the thing, they were likely automated bot followers anyway – the kind of software that Instagram tries to outlaw, but some smart arse always manages to outwit. Basically a dummy account is formed, it will then automatically follow a shit load of people (you ever get those followers who look like they have zero in common with you?), a % of those people will follow back (people like to be nice) and then after a period of time you will get automatically unfollowed again. So on your account it looks like you lost a few, but it was nothing of any value, goodbye, totsiens, farvel, näkemiin, au revoir, adieu, auf wiedersehen, arrivederci, ciao, sayounara….ok, you get the idea.

You might get a bit of a downturn in responses if you haven’t posted for a long time, you might not be as prolific in everyone’s feed for a while, but this is all down to post engagement. Let me explain, when someone interacts with your posts and you in turn interact back, they will see more of your posts in their timeline. You have probably noticed this yourself when you see posts from people you tend to comment on, to the point where you seem to never miss posts from certain people. 

Now, what happens is, when you’re away working on something or sunning yourself in the Costa Del Sol – some of those charlatans start liking and commenting on other posts and when you get back, their timeline is brimming from all their new buddies, whilst you get knocked down the pile a bit. But please do not fear, once you start to post again and interact with people, it soon starts to regain its equilibrium, and your top fans will see your posts almost immediately and demand to know where you’ve been, claiming they missed you (they probably didn’t notice). But ultimately  – no one died!

It is important to have a break and concentrate on your work, other aspects of your business, your family, friends and, of course, your health. Don’t get stressed if you don’t post, and don’t post something that isn’t of high quality for the sake of it. It can wait.

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